Company Profile

VIP WEB is a complete digital media agency offering a wide range of web and software development services empowering businesses worldwide by providing online solutions which work.

VIP WEB is a team of web and software developers, graphics designers and SEO and online marketing specialists. Our mission is “Online Businesses” not websites. We build online presence for businesses helping them to sell online and engage with their customers in a web space.

VIP WEB is a trading name (CRO No. 401399) of Freelance Providers Ltd. – private company limited by shares. Registered in Ireland (CRO No. 476857).

Established in 2009, VIP WEB was formed by a group of experienced web developers who saw a hole in the Irish product and application development online landscape. We decided to think big and fill that space ourselves. We wanted to take a different approach to web development.

At the heart of VIP WEB, we are about people. Our clients, partners and employees are the centre of our business. Our team works hard to achieve success for our clients because when they succeed, we do. Open communication guides every step of our businesses before, during and after a sale. We strive to market products and services that fulfil our client’s needs and expectations, creating long-term relationships. This separates us from the competition, our hands on, unwavering dedication to helping our clients and partners develop and succeed.

Since then, our mission has been “Online Businesses”, not websites. We provide the opportunity to fulfil the need to have high quality and strong start-ups, corporate websites, online shopping cart developments, CMS web developments and many other features vital to a new or expanding business. We feel we can truly provide everything needed for digital success, offering an open and responsive service at all stages of a project, ensuring the time of our clients and our time is used effectively.

We operate in a large market that is comprised of web development, graphics design, e-commerce, programming and more. That makes it hard to stand out. However, with our professional team of web designers and business experts with years of valuable experience we feel we stand out amongst the rest, providing hands on, user-friendly applications and services. Our dedication and promise of quality is what sets us out from the crowd.

VIP WEB consist from a team of 15 people: project manager, social media marketing person, graphics designer, sales person, intern, copyrighter and a remote team 10 developers.

VIP WEB offers discounts for web development helping local communities (e.g. Charity, Government, Schools etc.).

VIP WEB supports local community groups and sports teams such as Dynamo Dublin FC a football association born in 2002 whose aim is to foster good social interaction and support the overall development of sporting activities among the Russian speaking community. We helped the club by purchasing uniform for them at early stages.

The company management promotes active and healthy style of living organising company staff events outdoors with sports activities. The company director participates in running races, is a member of BHAA.

VIP WEB helped a local Cork tag rugby team called “Dirty Hookers” to purchase their uniforms. The team won 3 cups 3 seasons in a row for Cork tag rugby league.