Programming & Development


Our company develops web applications of any level of complexity including ready-to-go websites. Let us introduce you to our programming capabilities.

Some time ago, we stopped using “heavy” PHP framework and focused our attention on Ruby on Rails. Our observations have indicated that projects developed using Ruby on Rails had significantly raised the bar in their scalability, stability, and working capacity.

With the help of this framework, within a tight schedule, we can build large projects with powerful control panel that allows users to configure functionality as needed. They can turn on and off different features in a few clicks. Additionally, they can fully customise search options.

Our past projects include:

A few online start-ups, classifieds and business directories, online banking, property and car sale  portals, dating websites, online shops and e-commerce platforms, and other complex corporate websites.

Feel can provide references on request and do a demo.

Integration with different services


State-of-art project cannot exist without plugging other third-party services or systems. It is a fact. Social networks API, authentication, partner programs, lead generation, sharing, including payment systems, user notification systems, IP-telephony for placing calls  directly from customer service section of the website, image storage and processing etc.

Our developers can integrate any necessary system and API as needed.

SMS Integration:

Nowadays it is more expensive to send a SMS than to send an email. Still, it is cheaper than it used to be. SMS service is an extra layer of security. People can break into emails or data driven apps. But SMS is still linked with SIM card and requires a person to have a phone in hands. SMS verification is used by all popular websites: Twitter, Google, Facebook. Why not add it to your website? Our team can help and has a number of packages to offer.